Facing the Tsunami - Environmental weeds. Our biggest threat

Always a privilege to speak at an EDS conference and share some sobering footage.
A reality check for many when it comes to saving our terrestrial ecosystems.

This talk is focused on biological pollution / invasive plant species, how they are destroying our indigenous ecosystems (forests, wetlands & alpine), what the future looks like if we fail to act and the need for more action from our public agencies.

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Here is an article covered by the NZ Herald

Why are certain plants a problem in Aotearoa NZ?

Invasive pest plants can have a significant impact on New Zealand's native forest ecosystems. These plants can outcompete native species, alter ecosystem processes, and disrupt ecological relationships. Here are a few ways that invasive pest plants can impact New Zealand's native forests:

  1. Competition for resources: Invasive pest plants can outcompete native plants for resources such as light, water, and nutrients. This can result in a reduction in the diversity and abundance of native plants, which in turn can affect the habitat of native animals and insects.
  2. Alteration of ecosystem processes: Invasive pest plants can alter the physical and chemical properties of soil, water, and air, which can affect ecosystem processes such as nutrient cycling and water availability. This can lead to changes in the structure and function of native forest ecosystems, which can affect the long-term health of these ecosystems.
  3. Disruption of ecological relationships: Invasive pest plants can disrupt ecological relationships between native plants and animals, including pollinators and herbivores. For example, invasive pest plants may not provide the same type or quantity of resources as native plants, which can affect the survival and reproduction of native animals and insects.

Overall, invasive pest plants can have a significant impact on the health and functioning of New Zealand's native forest ecosystems. To mitigate these impacts, it is important to control and manage the spread of invasive pest plants, and to restore and protect native plant communities.

Facing the Weed Tsunami

1. A big wake up call is needed.
Make weeds a top priority!

2. Full blown weed Strategy at National and regional level
This must be effective & meaningful.

3. Change in Dedication
.  Train up and value weed warriors who are dedicated to eradication, not just spending money on        sporadic control like a dog chasing its tail.

4. Accountability
Make our Conservation Department and agencies with public money focused and accountable.

5. Serious investment
Realistic sustained weed control funding “No more 30 second spray and walk away mentality.” 
Every dollar spent now saves hundreds later.


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If you want to support this work I am doing please get in touch: hello@geoffreidnz.com
or check out my patreon via: www.patreon.com/geoffreidnz