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Restoring land into native forest

With the intense weather we've experienced lately, it is clear now more than ever that we need to re-cloak our steep erosion prone land back into thriving native forest.

Not the most straight forward task… so here is a video resource I have co-created on the things to know when restoring land in NZ back into native forest.

Traditionally this has been a challenging and costly process, limiting private landowners' participation in large-scale projects. Hence why, in many cases, we see pines being planted in favour of our incredible natives.

I am proud to share this video with you all. It outlines a method that has been proven more effective and significantly cheaper than conventional methods, reducing the cost of establishing native trees to almost a third of traditional 'high-density' planting projects!

Please enjoy.

It's fairly basic and involves a colonising forest approach where kānuka and mānuka are planted at lower densities, acting as a canopy layer for establishing larger trees in the future. Invasive plant and animal control, crucial for the project's success, are integrated into the process, making follow-up weed control dramatically cheaper in the long run.

Hope you find this of interest.

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